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Why Every Business Owner Needs a Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Why Every Business Owner Needs a Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Before you jump into building your personal brand, you must answer this question: Why are you doing it? Is the reason to bring personality to your company? To grow your company? To manage your reputation?


LinkedIn has over 830 million users, of which only 3 million share content weekly. This shows you that the potential to build a strong and effective profile is arguably not that hard.

Here is our advice on how to build a strong and effective LinkedIn profile that will set you apart from your competition.

Publish Consistently

In order to gain a reputation [noun; a widespread belief that someone or something has a particular characteristic] you must depict the desired characteristics consistently. After all, we are not defined by ‘that one thing we did that one time’. We are defined by what we do regularly, consistently.

On LinkedIn, we have the ability to project exactly what we want, how often we want to. Your favourite social media and design team (Interphase, duh), suggest that you publish posts on LinkedIn everyday.

Have a Great Photo

This will be the first time most of your LinkedIn contacts see you. Don’t you want to look your best? Whether it’s a candid snap of you on the job; a professional headshot; or a bubbly selfie, this is your first impression to multiple people, professionals, customers, and competitors.

If you’re in need of a photo that presents you in your best light, authentically, guess who provides photography.. That’s right, us!

Talk to Your Audience

Contrary to popular belief, and the majority of people trying to ‘make it’ on LinkedIn, it’s not all about you… If people want to read your daily thoughts, commentary from the train, and what you ate for lunch, publish your diary!

As a business owner you have valuable solutions for people’s common problems. Talk to those people about what you can do for them and watch them follow for more, and get in touch for action.

Update your URL

You’re not user 423281234. You have a name that we want people to know.

Simply click the drop-down below your profile photo in the top-right, go to settings & privacy > visibility > edit your public profile, and at the top-right, you can edit your custom URL (we suggest your name). Simple! And professional.

From account setup to complete management, we can help you craft a magnetic LinkedIn presence that opens doors to new connections, opportunities, and professional growth 🚀 Get in touch with us via our contact form, email, or give us a call on 01382 221777.