Content Planning Tips

Everyone speaks about content strategy, what’s the best time to post on social media, how often should you post and what are social media techniques. But do you how to come up with ideas for your social media, how to plan your content and how to save time and stress when handling this content throughout platforms?


Here are my 5 content planning tips to help you come up with and plan your content:

  1. What is content scheduling?

Let’s start with the obvious – set up and schedule your posts ahead of time and try to remain at least a few posts ahead. This will not only save you time but stress too! Dedicate time to come up with several posts on one or two topics, prepare the graphics and captions and set them up using a content scheduler. For example, at Interphase Social we use Planoly for Instagram, but there are many options out there: Preview, Hootsuite, Later, etc. Whichever you use, the benefits are undeniable. It allows you to plan and see what your feed will look like for those aesthetic bonus points.

  1. How many social media platforms should I use?

Focus on 1-3 main platforms. We all want to be on top of every platform that comes along out there, but that would be over 10 ever-changing dynamic unique platforms to juggle. No need to be a clown! Rather than spreading yourself thin and attempting to remain active on every platform, you could move your focus to only a couple because quality is always more important than quantity! Find which platforms are the most applicable and useful to your brand. Is it highly visual where photography or graphics are the focus point? Use Instagram! Or does your business rely on words? Perhaps twitter is where you belong.

  1. Can you use the same content on different platforms?

Yes! Of course you can re-purpose and adapt the same content across different platforms. As every social platform has its own user base, there is no shame in reusing your content! For instance, you can change have the same photo you took in different ratios posted both on Instagram and Facebook, or the video you filmed can be uploaded to both YouTube and IGTV by simply flipping it. Or a blog you’ve written can be reused as a post on Pinterest that will help drive more traffic to your website. Sometimes you can even set up automatic posting which will publish your content on several platforms at once. Content schedulers we spoke about above often have the option to post the same post on whichever platforms you choose. In some cases, it can even adapt the content. For example, if you use IFTTT, it can tweet your Instagram photos as native photos on Twitter, meaning your photos will show up as full images on Twitter feed rather than links.

  1. Look at the calendar!

Holidays are a great opportunity to theme your posts, and help you come up with topics. The obvious are the big ones – Christmas, New Year, Easter and so on. Think about how can your business help someone during a holiday? If you do manicures, perhaps you could speak about Christmas themed nails? Or if you’re a dental practice, you could speak about teeth health during the chocolate egg eating season – Easter.

  1. Can I repost other people’s posts?

Celebrate others! You can talk about people who work with or for you. Perhaps they have a story to share, or they overcame some sort of a struggle and the business they work for helped them, or maybe it’s their birthday. It could be anything! But putting the people around you out on your social media will show that you care about those who are around you. It will make you appear so much more approachable. However, your content does not have to consist of only you or your brand. In fact, you can talk about other people and even businesses that compliment or relate to yours. You can re-tweet, re-gram, share and repost content from others with appropriate credit. Maybe you saw a quote another business has posted that you agree with or that inspired you? Why not share that with your own audience by using a repost software such as Regram for Insta, or simply click share on Facebook or Retweet on Twitter? You can even add your own thoughts to it. There’s this technique called 5:3:2 rule. It means that 5 (50%) should be content from other sources that are relevant to your followers, 3 (30%) should be content you’ve come up with, and 2 (20%) should be personal, fun content that personifies and humanizes your brand to your audience. It is just one of many social media techniques that you could give a try. Just remember – do not steal others content! Always credit, tag and link.

And there you have it. This should not only help you get ahead and plan but give you some ideas for posts. Let us know which one you found the most useful!

If you’d like more advice on how to handle your social media, we are happy to help you. We can teach, advise and even handle your social media for you! Feel free to call us on 01382 221777 or email us on to see how we could help your business get ahead and stand out!


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