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Facebook Page VS Personal Profile


What is the difference between a Facebook Page and a Profile?

Most businesses use a Facebook page, but some businesses use a Personal profile. These are the businesses that ask you to “Friend” them as they would a person.

Usually, with a business page, you “Like” a page, you don’t become friends with it. So why do some businesses do this and what should you do?

Well firstly, this is against Facebook rules. When Facebook find these profiles they will convert them to a page and you risk losing your own profile.

Secondly, people don’t really like to add businesses as friends anyway, it feels a bit intrusive and allows those businesses access to personal information like the rest of your friends. You will miss out on connecting with these people and therefore miss out on business if you don’t have a Facebook Page.

Facebook are quite clear about the rules. Profiles are for non-commercial use and represent individuals.

Pages are for businesses and they come with the added benefit of business tools that can be of use to help promote your posts, pages and websites.

So if you are a business you need a Facebook Page. You can connect with your customers here, promote your brand and build awareness. You can create and manage a page from your own profile .

Pages also gives you access to tools to track engagement, schedule posts and target posts plus more.

A Facebook Page should be a reflection of your brand and ethos, it should encourage engagement, be vibrant and informative.

At Interphase Social we can help in all aspects of setting up your Facebook Page to full management of that page to reflect your business ethos.

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