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Why should you consider social media training? Free Training Course

social media training dundee

Why should you consider social media training? Free Training Course

I have always said that the best person to manage your business’s social media is someone within the business, someone who has a real understanding of how your business works and the nuances involved. The problem is though, that there is often no time for anyone to carry out the social media activity properly and with care. The posts then become last minute or even forgotten about.

A good social media strategy requires consistency and persistence, the odd post here and there really doesn’t work.

This means many businesses use an agency to manage their social media for them, which can work brilliantly. At Interphase we want to become part of your team, be fed timely updates and information so we can appreciate a real understanding of how you work. Together we can provide great social media coverage and engagement.

Another option is to consider developing one of your team members yourself. You allocate time for training and time to post. We have found this to be an incredibly useful way to have a social media marketing manager in your team.

I run Interphase’s Social Media Academy to do this very job, training your team member to manage your own social media.

Many think constructing a social media post is easy, takes a few minutes and anyone can do it! The truth is very different and together I train clients via Skype, Facetime or Zoom on a one to one basis. We generally meet up every couple of weeks and plan the posts together for the next couple of weeks. I show them how to structure posts, the nuances of the channel we are using and how to set up their channels plus so much more.

Usually after a few months they are ready to fly solo, but I am there as a safety net if still required for the next few months.

At the moment with the current pandemic situation, we have decided to offer this training free when you use any of Interphase Social or Interphase services as a support to businesses during this difficult time. Depending on your business you may feel social media is not an important aspect at the moment. However, you may also have staff with little to do and this is the perfect time to help get them skilled up with social media to be ready when we return to our new normality?

If you are interested, please contact Jan on 07968542472 or email