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How Do I Start a Blog?


As I have previously mentioned there are many benefits to having an up to date current blog but how on earth do I start?

The easiest way is with a Word Press blog. If you go to you can register and get started straight away.

If you go to you can get the files to install a blog on your own website/server.

The second approach requires more technical know how and unless you are confident then I would advise you get help with this format. We can help do this for you or can at least chat through your options with you.

It will take a little time to get accustomed to the software and personalize it with your identity but pretty soon you will be able to write your first blog and hit that PUBLISH button!

At Interphase Social we can help you get started with your blog. We can set it up and then hold your hand until you are totally familiar with the process or we can even post on your behalf.

Of course anyone who is writing for you has to reflect your ethos and values and we work hard to get to know and understand our clients.

If you have been stuck with your blog then ring me and let’s get you moving again towards a more interactive social media experience, a more visible website and ultimately more business.

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