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How Do I Use Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are “IN” more than ever before! If used regularly and properly, Insta Stories could be just the thing that gives a boost to your brand marketing on Instagram.


Why should you use Instagram Stories?

Reach a wider audience within Instagram by engaging more effectively with users. Since its release in 2016, Instagram Stories have gained incredible momentum, very quickly. Over 500 million Instagram accounts now use Stories daily. That is a 500+ million users you could start reaching out to, users that the normal Instagram feed might not be reaching.


How do Instagram Stories help me engage with potential clients?

Sharing Stories opens your business up to organic interaction. Lasting for 24 hours before disappearing and with additional Stories exclusive tools like polls, hashtags, questions, quizzes, gifs, stickers and even chat you will be able to achieve a status, or relevancy and relationship, with your audience. Stories can give insight into your workspace, demonstrating the who, the where and the how from a personal, relationship perspective. It offers a form of connection with your audience that you simply cannot find in the more public space of the Instagram Feed and Comments. If you want existing and potential followers to really get to know you, your business, your brand, and build trust, Instagram Stories is the place to do that!


Why are Instagram Stories useful for content marketing?

Due to the freedom of interactivity and friendliness that Insta Stories offer, you can share exclusive content. It is reported that half the advertising budgets on Instagram every year are spent on Stories exclusively, which makes it a rather cheap and very effective way to reach a new audience, gain reach and engagement. With a well thought out Instagram specific marketing campaign that includes features such as swipe up to external link, shoppable stickers and dynamic graphics, you will be able to not only leave an impact on your current followers but reach an audience you are wanting to attract in a targeted manner. For example, a common trend you might notice is several stories creating a narrative for a new or existing service or product. They will include eye-catching photos and/or videos, captions, short descriptions, and, of course, a call to action. As an example, makeuprevolution @ Instagram does this really well!

Example of a great Instagram Story feed from Makeup Revolution


What are Instagram Highlights?

Another great feature that Instagram Stories has brought to marketeers is Highlights. Instead of disappearing after 24h, highlighted or, in other words, featured stories will remain at the top of your Instagram profile until you remove them. They also allow to categorise these highlights whichever way you choose, not only adding tidiness but also style to your Instagram aesthetic. Many businesses and personal accounts choose curated graphics to match the look of their profile and organise them into featured categories that best suit their strategy or style. For example, on our own Interphase Instagram account we try to display the family-like environment we have in our office, which resulted in our Highlights being categorised as features on each person working here.

Instagram Highlights being used on the InterphaseUK Insta profile


Our own Instagram Highlights allow us to not only have fun with our Instagram Stories, but demonstrate the business’s ethos and reach a wider audience that design focused posts on our feed might have missed.

So I should be using Instagram Stories?

We could go on and on about why Instagram Stories is a fantastic social media marketing and audience engagement tool, but the best way to really prove that is to try it out! You may be overwhelmed or confused with all the features of Instagram, but Interphase Social can help you out with your Instagram marketing. Interphase Social offers Social Media Management and Training which will get you on the right track to grow your business. We help your brand stand out in the large and dynamic world of Social Media, don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat to see how Interphase helps businesses find their Social Media voice.



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