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How often should I post on Instagram?

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How often should I post on Instagram?

One of the most commonly Googled questions: how often do I post on Instagram? Once a day? Every weekday? Once a week? Everyone wants to know the magic schedule that will help your account grow rapidly. Spoiler alert – there isn’t one. In fact, I would go as far as to say that you’re asking the wrong question.

It is important to realistically evaluate and decide how many posts you can produce and how often can you post them whilst still maintaining the quality, variety and most importantly – sanity. Burnout is a major enemy in content creation, and if you achieve burnout from desperately trying to produce far too much content, everything else will suffer. You will reach a creative block and soon enough won’t be able to put out anything at all! So, it is important to not only consider your social media, but your mental and creative capacity as well.

Instagram doesn’t actually care whether you post every single day – it cares about consistency and quality of the content you put out. If you put out garbage panic posts because you forgot to make a post today and it’s almost 9PM, then you will get garbage back – no one will care for your content.

In fact, posting too much and too often can have a completely opposite result to the one you’re trying to achieve. I had a client once whom we started off with 1 post a day, and this was quite a lot already. Thankfully, there was a massive backlog of content already that I could put to use and the field they were in was appropriate for such frequent posting schedule. Unfortunately, the client decided to increase the post number to 3 a day. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea, let me tell you that much. It wasn’t because it was a lot of work, but I knew it wouldn’t give them the result they wanted. I, however, couldn’t convince them without proof.

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I agreed, and proceeded to do 3 posts a day, and what do you know? Post reach, interaction and likes started decreasing. By the second month of doing this, it became very obvious that the posts have started to be recognized as spam rather than valuable content, both by the platform and by the audience. On top of that, I soon developed a complete creative burnout, and no one ended up winning here.

So, what did we learn from my experience? Do not saturate your audience’s feeds with your content, produce quality over quantity, stay consistent and make sure to look after your well-being.

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