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New Instagram Link Sticker Now Available

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New Instagram Link Sticker Now Available

If you haven’t heard yet, Instagram has finally made it possible for everyone to share links on their stories! Instagram’s new link sticker replaced the old swipe up link feature that was only available for accounts with over 10K followers.

It is massive news for all kinds of businesses trying to make it on Instagram, but the link sticker is especially important for small businesses to improve engagement with their audiences. Link sharing has always been a difficult part of running a business on the platform, which is where and similar link landing pages came into play. However, link stickers are genuinely a game-changer as it makes link sharing so much easier and more accessible to all Instagram users. Now, for instance, a small Scottish business can easily sell and interact with their customers directly on Instagram as well as easily link their audience to other places, like their website or other social media.

Where is Instagram Stories Link Sticker?


For now, the feature is still rolling out across the vast amount of Instagram accounts, and once it has reached yours, you can find it very easily:

> Go to Instagram stories.

> Upload or snap a story you’d like to share.

> Tap on the stickers icon at the top.

> And tap the ‘LINK’ sticker.

> Then simply paste your link in the URL field and you’re done!

> You can change the colour by tapping the sticker.

Happy link sharing!

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scotland social media management