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How To Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

how to use instagram reels scotland

How To Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

Instagram Reels dropped just a last week and everyone’s all over it already.

Instagram announced Reels on Wednesday, last week, their new way to create and discover short, entertaining Instagram videos. The consensus around the Internet is that it is Instagram’s response to TikTok. The similarities are undeniable:

• 15 second multi-clip videos
• Filters and effects
• Speed settings
• Audio
• Timer and Countdown

Reels also has its own entire section of the Explore feed. However, it will show only popular and trending reels influenced by what kind of content you interact with already and where you are from.

Why is it important for your business?

It is a fantastic opportunity! It’s a way to promote and showcase your brand in a creative and very dynamic way. Whether it’s being original or jumping on existing trends, it is another way to stay ahead of the game.

You can drive product and brand awareness by creating Reels for showcasing products. If you get on the Explore Page, it could even mean going viral! And that’s numerous potential sales your way and brand exposure.

How to create an Instagram Reel?

You can find the Reels camera as part of the Stories camera menu. To get there, just open your Instagram Stories camera by clicking on the camera icon at the top left on your feed homepage and selecting ‘Reels’ (you might need to update your Instagram if it’s not there yet).

From there, it’s pretty self-explanatory:

  • You can choose an audio clip by clicking on ‘Audio’ on the left (for personal accounts only).
  • Choose ‘Speed’ to choose which speed you want your video to be in.
  • Timer’ will help you set how long you want the clip you’re about to film to be.
  • By clicking ‘Effects’, you can apply various filters and AR effects.

To record, click the record button if you’ve set the time for your clip, or hold it down to record until you let go. You can make as many clips as you like within the limit of 15 seconds.

Once you have at least one clip down, a new option for ‘Align’ appears, which overlays a previous clip over what you’re filming now to allow you to line anything up for funky transitions and such.

Once you’re happy with the result, click the pointing to right arrow to preview your finished Reel and add any stickers, text or drawings as you would with any normal story post.

Clicking further, you can edit the cover photo, add a caption and post your creation!

You will find your published reels on your profile, by clicking the middle icon just below the story highlights.

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