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More Than 140 Characters


We all know that Twitter is a great platform to start a conversation about your service or product. In fact, in just 140 characters you can spread your message far and wide with making those 140 simple letters, numbers and spaces reach a whole lot further.

Lets have a look at the power of your tweets. Did you know that Twitter has 288 million monthly users who are actively tweeting, viewing or messaging? Yes that’s right over a quarter of a million tweeps online each month. If you cant find your ideal customer, client or patient on Twitter you are not going to find them anywhere!

However, and this is the big BUT, these 288million users generate 500million tweets, wait for it, per day, half a billion tweets every 24 hours, that’s a hell of a lot of characters to wade through if you are a potential customer.

So how do you get noticed?

We know that most users follow, and digest, only a small number of users tweets per day compared to the overall monthly user numbers. The majority of users now access their twitter feeds via a mobile device, 80% of Twitter users use a Mobile Phone or Tablet to access their Twitter Feed, and that is a good thing. Why I hear you ask? Well they have you in their hands, their fingers are just a few millimetres away from engaging with you, therefore you need to give them something to reply to or re-tweet, easy?

Not as easy as you might first think.

We all know “Content is King”, if your tweet is informational, a sales pitch, a special offer etc. then make sure that the tweet and link leads to an engaging landing page experience. Its no good hitting the link to buy now to find that you have to go through pages of old fashioned sales spiel when all you want to do is buy the product, purchase the service or sign up for the freebie. Make sure that friction is eliminated, as far as possible while staying secure, even when “giving away” stuff.

In return for your engaging content, hopefully you get a sale and/or capture someone’s contact information if giving away a freebie. You can then remarket to the list that you build, not just through Twitter but on other platforms too.

Remember, remember, and remember again, its ok getting paid or capturing user data, but good old customer service, the actual delivery of paid or free products wins over every time, your customer will return for more.

So from 140 characters you have captured data, made a sale, and had a returning customer…

Didn’t think so much could happen in such a short space!

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