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The New Instagram Guides and Why Are They Important?

how to use instagram guides scotland

The New Instagram Guides and Why Are They Important?

Last week Instagram announced a new feature they are currently rolling out – Instagram Guides. They prefaced their announcement emphasising that their goal for Instagram is to become a place for truly reliable information and inspiration. This lead them to introducing Guides, a way to find tips, advice, recommendations and all kinds of content from various creators, public figures and organisations.

What are Guides?

Essentially, Guides is the ability for creators to create an interactive page within the Instagram app that is a collection of already existing posts and videos that the author has put together into one list. The page also includes captions to include tips, advice and any other information.

Guides are interactive because a user is able to click on the referenced posts individually. All it takes is tapping on the image or video, and it takes them to the original post where a user is able to access all the regular options for a post (comment, like, save, etc.). Anyone can also share the Guides to stories or send it by Direct messages, or on other social media platforms, by tapping on the included share button or the three dots.

So why is it important?

Although Instagram has not announced anything as of yet, whispers on the internet suggest that this feature could be made available to Instagram Creators and Business accounts. (Fingers crossed!)

This ability to put together curated content pages is a big deal for creators and businesses as another means to connect with their audience, share informational and educational content. It could massively influence content marketing ways, influencer content (blogs within Insta?!), product recommendations, case studies, and so much more. The options are limitless!

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However, currently Guides are focused on wellness content and sales-focus is thankfully not the point. You can see these by going on to your own Explore page on Instagram and tapping on the ‘Well-being’ tab at the top, which will take you to all the currently available guides (which are fantastic, by the way!) The world is going through a difficult time and offering mental health and wellness resources on one of the most used apps in the World for anyone needing them is the best thing to do.

Alternative ways to share information on Instagram

Although there is no access to Guides at the moment, we have a few suggestions on other ways you can share information, resources and anything else you may want.


This is probably the most popular way to quickly and clearly share information. You can lay out the information in story posts by doing it manually via editing software or directly Instagram which gives you lots of options like questions, polls, message requests, gifs, challenges and more. You can also highlight your posts so they stay on your profile. You can also share your own and other user’s posts on to your Instagram story, and these posts are also clickable and take you to the original.

There are also easier ways, such as using free resources to put together beautiful Instagram story sequences. For example, Canva offer story templates that make it super easy to put together consistent-looking frames.

how to use instagram guides

Or you can leave the hassle behind and have a social media manager take care of that for you. At Interphase Social we always make sure to put out things that are important to our clients without stress, we are here not just as an agency but your social media manager will be there for advice, discussions and even a chat. If you’re curious, please check out our services page for more information.

Carousel Posts

Carousel posts are several photos in a single Instagram feed post that you can swipe through. The idea is very similar, however unlike Stories they do not include the extra widget options, and you cannot share other people’s posts without external software. The benefit of doing carousel posts, however, is that they will be right there on your feed for your audience, and they can interact publicly on the post itself if they have any thoughts or advice they’d like to add to the post. You are also able to add a text caption below the image.

Link to Website Blog Posts

If you have a website, you can of course write a blog post (such as this one!) and cross-share it to your socials. What we do at Interphase Social is using the visuals and a little excerpt from the blog post to peak interest, and we link the full blog on our profile. We use a free software called that allows to add several links into your bio. That way we can make it extra easy for anyone to access the blog. Did you know that we can also offer copy-writing for your blogs as part of your digital marketing and social media packages? Please contact us if you’d like to know more about that! Blogs are great for getting your website at the top of Search Engines and building your brand.

If you’d like any advice, suggestions or if you’re interested in our services, please either call us on 01382 221777 or email