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Content Ideas For Your Brand, Shop or Dental Social Media Posts

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Content Ideas For Your Brand, Shop or Dental Social Media Posts

We are sure you’ve heard of Writer’s Block – “a condition […] in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown” (source). This kind of writing block can also apply to those who work hard to keep their social media fresh, engaging and consistent. In fact, it’s really easy to experience a block due to how rapid and frequent social media activity is expected to be. It does not at all show your lack of commitment or writing skills, and it is something anyone can find themselves going through. If you are one of those people and find yourself lost in what to post next, let us help you out!

Below you will find a whole list of three categories of post prompts for you to pick from or get inspired by when the content eludes you.

General – You and Your Brand

  • Show off your brand’s image/logo and explain how it came to life.
  • What is one unique attribute that makes your brand stand out?
  • Talk about a person that inspires you. Celebrate others!
  • Describe yourself or your brand in one sentence, or even 3 words!
  • What is the most useful lesson you have learned throughout your brand’s journey?
  • Why did you choose the name you did for your business?
  • Do you have a “mascot” for your brand? It can be an item, place or character. 
  • Teach something unique. Give your audience a tip that most brands wouldn’t.
  • Show your workplace. Temporary or permanent, talk about why it is the way it is.
  • Open up to your audience – what is one mistake you have made with your brand that others can learn from?
  • Share something personal, unrelated to your brand – what is your favourite hobby outside work? Let your audience form a connection with you.
  • Share something simple and normal – what are you drinking this morning? Coffee? Tea? How do you take it?
  • Share a quote that inspires you.

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Shops and Services

  • What is your most popular product/service and why? 
  • Or why is your product/service useful?
  • The best review you have ever received. 
  • If you’re brave, talk about the worst review you’ve ever received – don’t be defensive, but be objective. (Pro Tip – don’t reveal names)
  • How did your product/s come to be? Pull the curtain back, show off the process.
  • Where did you learn your trade and how did you do it?
  • What is one or several problems your product/s or services solve?
  • Hold a giveaway for one of your products/services.
  • Take the most beautiful photo you can of your product and talk about why it’s special to you.
  • If you use your own products/services, talk about that.
  • What is one unique or even unusual way to use your product/service? Don’t be afraid to use humour!

Dental Post Ideas

  • Talk about products you use in your dental practice.
  • Talk about your favourite product.
  • Introduce members of your practice and talk about what they do.
  • The best toothpaste for an average person.
  • Eco-friendly dental hygiene products.
  • Why is flossing important and should everyone do it?
  • Alternatives to flossing.
  • Why should someone brush their tongue?
  • Reasons why someone’s breath may not be so fresh?
  • What is considered a dental emergency?
  • What do you think is the most important tool for a dentist?
  • Get down to basics: so how do you correctly brush your teeth?
  • How often should someone visit a dentist?
  • Difference between a dentist and an oral hygienist. 
  • Top tips for parents looking after their children’s oral health.
  • How to help children understand the importance of looking after their teeth.
  • Talk about frequency of sugar intake.

dental social media prompts scotland

This is only one post of many that we hope to prompt you with over the next few months for different types of businesses.

If you need any advice or help with your social media, please make sure to contact us on 07968 542472 or email