Years of experience and shed loads of passion

Lucy Clare Grant

Lucy joined Interphase as Marketing Manager and we’re delighted that upon expanding our team and clientele, Lucy now undertakes the role of Client Success Manager at Interphase.


Upon completing her Modern Apprenticeship Diploma in Digital Marketing, Lucy built valuable experience in marketing across various industries in Dundee & Angus and Perth & Kinross.


Lucy handles copywriting for social media, websites, and blog posts on behalf of businesses and personal brands.


To ensure our clients receive prompt responses and actions, Lucy maintains great relationships with individuals at each brand we work with.


Your copywriting project or social media marketing campaign will be handled directly by Lucy.⁠ Drop her an email at!⁠

Katie Grant

Katie works alongside Lucy, handling the creation of materials including photography, videography, and graphics that drive our client’s message.


Once the full campaign is pulled together, and with our client’s approval, Katie implements this on the relevant platforms.