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Social Media is a Start-up’s Best Friend

Social Media is a Start-up’s Best Friend

So you’ve decided to start a business. Fantastic! You spend the time pin pointing all the essential elements, you even have a full brand developed, but how do you get people to know you’re there and you’re ready to offer them services or products?

Marketing can get expensive. Traditional marketing means can only get you so far and google or Facebook ads can be out of most start-ups starting budgets. But not to worry, because social media marketing can be a great companion in getting the word out about your new, awesome company, and it won’t cost you anything but your time and dedication!

Don’t Dive Head-first Into It

It’s imperative to start with a plan. Without that, you will not actually have a clear sight of what you’re trying to achieve:

Set your goals.

Start with the ultimate long-term goal, then narrow it down to smaller few goals that are more in line with actionable steps you can take. Finally, take those few goals and write down exactly what steps you can take to achieve them, which will all work towards your ultimate dream.

Learn about your audience.

You need to dig into who your ideal customer is, who would be buying from you and, particularly, why. What would make them seek your product or service out, what issues are they facing and solve them!

Choose the right platforms.

You don’t want to try and spread yourself thin across all the socials out there. Think about what your business does, and which platform would highlight that the best. Do some research into what kind of audience’s use which platform for what use. We’d recommend no more than 1-2 platforms to focus on.

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Research the competition and get inspired.

Don’t copy others but draw inspiration from it and make it your own. What sets your company apart from others? Why is it special? And how can you do it better than your competitors?

Be Human

It is natural for humans to connect with other humans, and social media allows businesses to build these kinds of relationships with their audience.

It is giving a (sometimes metaphorical) face, name, and voice to a business. It allows you to distance from being a faceless, cold money-making machine, and instead allows your customers to form a type of bond with your company that allows for trust and loyalty to develop.

You can talk to your customers directly via social media, so make sure to acknowledge and engage with them! However, we understand that social media can be overwhelming, intimidating even, and being busy with starting your business, you might not have the time to properly dedicate yourself to social media marketing.

We can do all that research for you, set up the profiles, give you training and get you all ready and started for a successful social media journey for a one-off fee. Feel free to drop us a message or give us a buzz on 01382 221777 and we can chat about it!