Anyone for new customers?

It is generally accepted in business that the best source of new customers is via your, already very happy, existing customers. Happy with your exceptional customer service, they will tell their friends, who in turn when needing that service, will remember the recommendation. These new customers tend to also be similar to the existing customer and therefore exactly the kind of customer you are looking for.

That is why engaging with these customers on Social Media is going to generate interest amongst their “friends” and “followers”.

Ask your existing customers to “like” your Facebook page or engage with you on Twitter. Hand out cards with your Facebook Page address and Twitter name included. You may be surprised that some may not be aware your business has a page at all. Encourage these customers to post about their experiences and maybe even rate you.

For some businesses where confidentiality is an issue, medical/dental/optical services, then it is not so easy to post information about a particular treatment on a particular patient. Consent has to be sought prior to a post and this is not always practical. Getting a customer to post about their experience assumes that consent as they have started the conversation. (You would still need consent to discuss their particular treatments – a blog post for another time!)

Their posts and interactions on your Facebook Page will then be seen by their “friends” or “followers” who in turn may then like your page and check out your website, but more importantly will remember that recommendation when they are next seeking that service.

This is how use of Social Media can be the new source of word of mouth referral and recommendation.

If you are interested in generating a new source of customers/clients through Social Media channels then we can guide you. We offer a service to get you up and running and show you what to do. We will then stand back but be there as a guiding hand if needed. Alternatively we can offer fully managed packages where we post, interact on your behalf and manage your reputation.

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