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Shifting Social Media Focus in 2022

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Shifting Social Media Focus in 2022

When it comes to measuring your social media performance, December is known to be a difficult month for most of it, especially reach, as people are focused on the holidays more, which explains the universal reduction of reach and related analytics across nearly everyone’s accounts, but interestingly enough we have noticed a rise in engagement over the holidays despite this lower reach.

This tells us that existing audiences were more keen on interacting with accounts they follow, which is why engagement grew as existing followers became more interested and more keen to engage with your content. Bringing the numbers back up is an obvious one, but here’s our advice on what you should shift your focus towards:

Meta (previously Facebook who own Instagram and Facebook) have released news about their focus for 2022. It comes as no surprise that they are focusing on video content, especially targeting Instagram’s Reels. We have seen constant user experience changes, pushing video content to a more central position within the app as well as effect on algorithm where organic reach is far greater on Reels than it is on regular feed posts. Important thing to note, however, is that despite Reels competing with TikTok and introducing features such as 60 seconds length video, shorter & punchier video content is clearly prioritised by both the algorithm and audiences.

Additionally, transparency and honesty have been a large focus across all social media platforms. More so than ever the tendency amongst audiences is that they do not wish to be sold to, and can easily see through companies and brands attempting to do so, which is why it is important to shift focus towards helping and serving aspects of the brand. People are far more into buying from companies not because of the what, but because of the why.

In case you need more help with your social media and digital marketing, or you just want to focus on what’s important for you and leave that stuff to the professionals, make sure to check out our services or get in touch with us directly here or email