The Big Three in Social Media

Which Social Media channels should I focus on?

We recommend starting with “The Big Three”

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

These sites still take up the Lion’s share of the social media usage with each one having a slightly different demographic.

Facebook – UK users 31 million 26% of this group are aged 25 – 34, male female split equally although we know they use the site differently.

Twitter – UK users 34 million – male female split equal

LinkedIn – UK users – 10 million 79% over 35 and the only site where men outnumber women

Biggest growers – Pinterest with predominantly female users in USA but in UK again fairly even split, and Instagram, which has a larger younger user.

Coverage of these three sites together with a blog and you tube channel will drive traffic to your website and increase interest in your product or service. Of course the content has to be personal to your business and needs to engage your customer as well.

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