The power of communication to your existing customers through Social Media.


I have already mentioned about attracting new customers via social media but what of your existing customers? Why would they connect and what have they to gain and ultimately what have you to gain?

Using social media is an excellent, quick and economic way of getting new information to your existing customer base. If you sell products then a quick posting can update those customers who might have been about to look elsewhere for that product and the same with services.

In fact I think you would be surprised at the response from your customers about the products/ services you have available. For instance in the dental practice setting, treatments can now be quite sophisticated and it is not always possible to mention every treatment in your website. In actual fact too much information on a website can make it cumbersome and unlikely to attract the reader to continue. Facebook is a great vehicle to be able to post information on a new treatment with maybe some before and after photos. This will generate interest amongst your existing customers who may have gone elsewhere for a particular treatment not realising you provided it.

The next point though, is, you need to let your customers know you have a Facebook page. Make sure you have a Facebook feed on your website and also consider printing it on your business cards/ flyers/ receipts and maybe a call to action poster in your premises.

Update the site regularly with information and keep it vibrant and exciting as a reflection of the excellence in your business and remember to interact, responding quickly to questions asked.

This all builds to grow your business, your customer gets more of what they want and you get the business you want.

If you are concerned about the time this would take then talk to us at Interphase Social, together we can make this happen for you.

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