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TikTok’s Mindless Scrolling Is Coming To An End

TikTok’s Mindless Scrolling Is Coming To An End

Why are people are getting annoyed at TikTok?


TikTok users are finding themselves getting frustrated at hearing the same songs played on repeat and going to other social media platforms to watch short-form content instead.

At the end of January 2024, Universal Music Group (UMG) decided to not continue their contract with TikTok, meaning all of their artists’ songs would be taken off the platform due to copyright issues. The problem here is that UMG has many massive names signed, so when what some TikTok users call ‘D Day’ came, many songs/sounds were removed and hundreds and thousands of videos were left muted.

Now that a majority of popular songs have been removed from the app, there is a smaller collection of viral sounds that are being used on repeat and people are sick of hearing them now.

The aftermath

Users were doing their own comedic covers of favourite and viral sounds, then allowing people to use it in place of the original audio on their videos, this way videos could be kept up and funny new sounds were making the rounds on the platform.

There’s a community on TikTok that makes edits of popular pieces of media, people, etc, who jumped on the train to make fun of the situation. They made their usual video edits but with no sound or would use Wii music, elevator music and many similar audios that can’t be removed as they are some of the few audios that aren’t UMG.

Small and unsigned artists are using the opportunity to advertise their music in hopes that it goes viral and kickstarts their music career but it seems a few names not signed to UMG are dominating the app.

What are these songs?

While everyones ‘For You Page’ (FYP) varies depending on the content they watch there is the same group of songs that keep appearing on peoples feed repeatedly. This has users getting annoyed and fed up with the songs, some people have admitted to using TikTok less due to being so frustrated and fed up. What are these songs that have people using Instagram Reels instead?

End of Beginning – Djo

Beautiful Things – Benson Boone

TEXAS HOLD’EM  – Beyonce

Make You Mine – Madison Beer

Austin – Dasha

While there are some big names, there are a few smaller ones that thanks to their song’s fame are growing their audience. A few of these songs have gone viral due to trends that people are filming using their song, which is great at the start but a lot more people are clicking the ‘Not Interested’ button after multiple videos with the song appear in a row.

TikTok’s Consequences

In the end, the platform won’t suffer massive losses as the algorithm will change and new songs will filter in. Users might be more likely to close the app and do something else for a change and practice some self restraint from continuously scrolling or users will watch Youtube Shorts and Instagram Reels to replace TikTok.