When should I post to Facebook and how often?


When should I post to Facebook and how often?

Should I link my Twitter account to my Facebook account ?

What is the best time to post?

All these questions and more are very commonly asked. I talk to people regularly who have experiences of getting advice from Social Media Experts who tell them, don’t post more than once a day…….don’t add a photo ……. don’t post at this time or that time and why did you post that?!

The beauty with Facebook is you can see for yourself what works. It’s really not that difficult. See what kind of posts produce more interest, more “likes” or shares. Experiment with multiple posts. If you check out your analytics on Facebook you can see the post “reach” and “engagement” and you can learn what suits your business and customers the best.

Every business is different and your set of followers are unique to your business and the way they interact.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Yes, there are considered “rules” that may get more engagement. For instance photos with a personal touch and a call to action are considered a good start.

Sometimes, though, by “bucking” the trend you may find an incredibly brilliant way to connect.

What I do know is that if you don’t give it a try if definitely will not work!

Of course if you don’t like the idea or just don’t have enough time why not have a chat with us, we could do this for you 🙂


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