blog writing in dundee

Why should I write a blog?


Blogs are a great way to do three things.


1. To add value to your customer by giving more information
Giving your customers more information than is on the website or up to date offers is simple and straightforward without having to go to the expense of updating your website. Customers love to see an active blog and they enjoy engaging with you knowing that you care about your customer.


2. To drive traffic to your website to ultimately produce more purchases/new clients/customers
A blog will encourage your customer to access your website, purchase from it or get more information, this is turn will help with 3.


3. To keep your website visible
SEO or search engine optimization is no longer an exacting science and no-one can promise they can get you to be ranked no1 on a Google search, but optimized blogs that are active can help improve your rankings. Google are looking for active sites with new information and active engagement, this is the modern way to increase your Google rankings and hence visibility of your website.


What should I write in a blog post?

Blog posts should be like conversations, relaxed, not too technical and quite chatty. You don’t need to be clever with language, just really be yourself. Your style should reflect everything else about your product and services. You don’t want to alienate your customers, you want to encourage them to purchase from you. Be authentic!

Don’t make posts too long either, we are bombarded with information and your posts need to be short and to the point.

With that in mind I’ll sign off now and next time I’ll write about how to set up a blog post.

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