Why would someone buy your services/product from you?

Why would someone buy your services/product from you by connecting with you on social media?

Do you think the people who “follow” you or “like” you on social media actually dislike you? Well the clue is in the words! Probably not!

What makes them interact with you? I think it is because of several factors

• They like your product/service
• They like your style
• You have great offers

All of these factors come into play, but for some businesses, being able to get to know you for some customers is a real pull.

For instance, let’s talk about dental practices. Historically this for most is a scary environment and the people behind the scenes even scarier.

But what if all of a sudden the interaction on your Facebook page and with Twitter show a different side? One where there is personality, enthusiasm and empathy.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to turn up as a new patient to a practice and you can already recognise Helen on reception and you know it was her birthday last week? You also know that the dentist you are booked in to see was in London last week learning about a new technology and also has an enthusiasm for competing in triathlons. (A popular hobby apparently!)

This may seem like trivia but this creates a relationship with a potential new patient and starts to build trust which in turn will put the patient at ease and make the connection easier and quicker. You are more likely to attract new patients the more you allow people to see your personality, of the team, the premises and your ethos.

So for some businesses, your followers actually liking you really matters.

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